Starting at around 6pm


Starting at around 9:30am


Starting at around 9:30am

Note: You will also get a paper copy in your Dragon Trials Activity Book when you arrive

Programme Items

Here are some of the wonderful activities that will take place at Llamedos Holiday Camp

Dragon Flight

You are going to learn how to fly a dragon!
Accuracy will win over distance in this particular competiion as ou fly your dragon through targets to earn points for your team.
Only dragons created as part of this activity can be used.


The Auction is the main way we raise money for our chosen charities. We rely on generous donations of items from our attendees and others to make a varied and interesting auction for your delight.
Be prepared to empty your bank account (or at least a piggy bank of pennies) as you get caught up in the whirlwind that is a Discworld Charity Auction.
(Card and cash payments welcome - no cheques please)
If you have anything you wish to donate to the auction, send us an email with the subject line "Auction".

Dragon Racing

Race our friendly dragons across the Balllroom and win points for your team in the most exciting Race afternoon of your life.

Dragon Dressage

Compete with your Hobby Dragon (made in advance or at the event) and impress the judges with your riding style

Talent Contest

Do you have a talent you wish to share with the Discworld?
Then enter the Llamedos Holiday Camp Talent Contest.
If you can burp the Ankh-Morpork National Anthem or dance the Dark Morris or tell a really bad joke then don't hestitate to enter as you may win!

Beauty Contest

Like wearing costumes? Like being your favourite character?
Home made or shop bought, bring it, wear it and strut your stuff in our Beauty contest!
With a variety of different awards including the audience choice awards, our Beauty Contest allows everyone to take part!

This list will be updated with further information as we get closer to the event so do bookmark this page and visit often.