Family Crest of Lady Decanter's Pedigree Dragon Stables
Lady Decanter's Pedigree Dragon Stables

Lady Decanter has won The Dragon Trials 58 times over the last 59 years (the year of the prawn is never spoken of, don't ever ask her why).

Her pedigree swamp dragons are always the most perfect specimens, always making sure a scale is never out of place, nor a talon not polished.

A137 - Pete
A142 - Jason
A149 - Carmel
A150 - Jax Garlick
A153 - Colin
A175 - Xander
A176 - Eleanor
A177 - 177
A192 - Davina Dress
A193 - Countess Von Wyr
A195 - Lady Von Wyr
A206 - Nanny Dress
A240 - Dame Erzulie Gogol
A241 - Anoia Ogg
A243 - Kolonel Mustard
A244 - LadyAlice Frugonia
A249 - Squiggle Ogg
A250 - Nereid Ogg