Family Crest of Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage
Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage

The SSCDO was formed when Cecil (Pastor of a small gods chapel) heard a knock on the door of the chapel, and opened it to find a basket with some strange eggs within it.

Carefully bringing it inside, Cecil believed it was his calling to hatch and raise whatever these eggs contained.

To his surprise, they were swamp dragons who became fiercely loyal to their guardian.

The local villages and towns all heard the story of the Pastor with his dragons, and Cecil often awoke to find baskets containing either younglings or eggs on his doorstep.

With no-one believing in the small gods his chapel was dedicated to, the sign outside was changed to Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage.

A105 - Amelia Thwaite
A107 - The Sanity Check
A108 - Auntie Penguin
A109 - Mama Gourami
A138 - Lady Letty
A141 - Lizzidora
A145 - Regorina Bradshaw
A165 - Miss Maccalariat
A167 - Janny Clax
A169 - Doc Brown
A170 - Nick Nickersson
A171 - I.B.Igor
A172 - KittyNic
A186 - Steve
A187 - Barbara
A188 - Tebay Flowervalley
A189 - Belynda Basilisk
A207 - Macrofauna