Family Crest of Botley's Stud Farm
Botley's Stud Farm

Barry Botley wanted to breed the strongest swamp dragon possible and to do this he scoured the Discworld searching for the biggest, strongest and the best swamp dragons to breed from.

Transporting the males however proved to be more dangerous than he ever imagined and being an inquisitive sort, he discovered a way to negate the transportation of volatile male swamp dragons.

He rapidly employed men from all over the disc to help with his endeavours and thus Botley's Basters (as they became known) soon became a well oiled team.

They love a good game of foot-the-ball although they prefer to play carrying the ball rather than kicking it, often tackling another player so that it looks like the "rug" was pulled from under their feet.

A110 - Pat
A111 - The Lady Jan
A119 - Claire (Vorlina)
A129 - CN Pessimal
A140 - Purple Sue
A143 - AJ
A148 - James
A157 - Debra
A166 - Wenders
A168 - Clair
A213 - Mrs Cake
A216 - Edward d'Eath
A223 - Grucacious Spigot
A224 - Kitty Kat
A232 - Distractia
A236 - BooschBeybi
A248 - Kardrago
A251 - John