Family Crest of The Zig Zag Throat Cavern
The Zig Zag Throat Cavern

This particular cavern is always LOUD!!!.

The dragons here are huge Music with Rocks in fans.

Often this cavern is filled with bands such as DragonForce, Supersonic Dragon Wagon or Dragon Lord

These swamp dragons provide the BANG in the beat.

A101 - Feyd
A102 - The Artful Nudger
A103 - KaNe
A120 - Al
A123 - Kaos Butterfly
A127 - Just Neil
A128 - Jason Ogg
A135 - Sable Nitt
A147 - Stunt Hannah
A151 - Sally Gotobed
A154 - BigBoots
A184 - Jewels
A190 - CEB
A196 - Steph
A197 - Luc
A205 - Trude
A210 - Wisteria Ogg
A211 - Atropa Weatherwax
A252 - Tom
A253 - Heather