Family Crest of Piemur's Pathfinders
Piemur's Pathfinders

These trailblazing pathfinders are exceedingly good on the ground at finding their way through the thickest, densest places on the Disc.

If there is a good place to get lost, then they know it like the back of their paw.

A124 - Warren
A125 - DragonMouse
A130 - Stef Frontshall
A132 - Ardelaine
A139 - Keith
A156 - Elke
A159 - Alison Whemper
A161 - TRiG
A162 - Bursar Chas
A173 - Lady Rahela Ramkin
A174 - Lady Bekah Ramkin
A180 - Auditor R Us
A182 - Kyleka Von Uberwal
A183 - Purple Alice
A208 - Gina Rodley
A209 - Interchangeable Em
A245 - Dottie Batleigh
A246 - Brother Ailfrick
A247 - Dark Grey Alice.
A254 - Jack