Family Crest of The Fire Drake Flambé Team
The Fire Drake Flambé Team

The Fire Drake Flambe Team's motto is "Flame Hot, Play Hot"

Training is their favourite pastime and the swamp dragons which join this team are flaming good at producing Flames in wonderful displays which light up the sky.

Not only do they need to flame well, and on command, they also need to be able to fly well otherwise it's just a fireworks display.

A112 - Vi Boggis
A113 - Boggis
A144 - Phil
A181 - Malcolm H
A185 - Sid Mawr
A200 - 7
A201 - Huey
A215 - Helen
A217 - Ook
A222 - Bridie Lavaeolus
A227 - A.E. Pessimal
A228 - Magical Mimi
A229 - Steven
A234 - Unknown
A235 - Unknown
A237 - Philo Baggins
A238 - Farley_Fantastique
A242 - Amie