Family Crest of The Happy Dragons Homestead
The Happy Dragons Homestead

The Homestead is home to many Happy Dragons, who through no fault of their own, found themselves without a loving family to love them and squeeze them and call them...

They pride themselves on being the cutest, most adorable dragons on the whole of the Disc.

A118 - Grumpy Bigbottom
A122 - Nana Ogg
A126 - Sonni Sonnsonnsson
A133 - Mortimer Sto Helit
A146 - Lady Julia
A152 - Jack
A155 - Ali
A158 - Ruechenda
A160 - Sarah Nitt
A204 - We call him Vinny
A212 - Jerry
A214 - Blu Hedgehog
A218 - Mother Glod
A219 - Corporal Oats
A220 - Black cat
A221 - The Dude
A233 - La Saopa
A239 - Mrs N. Goriff