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Llamedos Holiday Camp About Us

About Us

Our Committee About Llamedos Holiday Camp About Our Charities About Dragons Are Us Ltd

Our Committee

Our Committee should be locked up as nearly all of them knew better than to get involved in a Discworld Event.

Ex-Chairmans, Ex-Committee members and constant volunteers all banded together to make Llamedos Holiday Camp work. Why we will never know!

Who are they?

Here are the 2020 Committed

Head Co-ordinator of all the things including Sanity and Loonyisms - Rachel Anthony-Rowlands
Vice Co-ordinator of all the things and Sweeper - Helen Cordingley
Webmaster General and Sports Co-ordinator - Rincewind
Financial Accountant to the Merchants of Mercy - Naomi Anna Lillian Webb
Technical Noise Wizard (Level 22) - James Serjeant
Head of Iconography - Tim Van Holder
Major Miner - Phil Newson
Mover of Standing Stones - Dave Meriff
Technical noise and light Wizard (Level 20) - Rob Prosser
Fun administrator - Elaine Rose Mein
Camp Comic - Tony Perkins
Technical Sound Wizard (Level 10) - John Hicks
Announciator of Big Words and Loud Voices - Becky Cordingley
Styler to the tired eyes of the Unicorns - Nathalie Eeckhout
Acquirer of sparkly and shiney occult belongings - Pam Hicks

About Llamedos Holiday Camp

Llamedos Holiday Camp is the trading name of Dragons Are Us Ltd.

Llamedos Holiday Camp is run by fans for fans and the Directors of Dragons Are Us Ltd have been fans of Terry Pratchett's works for the last 28 years.

Llamedos Holiday Camp came into being because a very stupid writer decided to play an April Fool's Joke on the Discworld Fandom, which backfired like the preverbial gonne and she landed up having to avoid the pitchforks and torches by actually running the dammed thing!
Her only real regret is that she couldn't run it on April Fool's day in 2020 (she does await the year when she can though !)

Llamedos Holiday Camp raises money for two charities via means of an auction and every penny from the auction gets split equally between them.

Any profit made by Llamedos Holiday Camp is either used to make the next one better or if it is a significant amount (by some miracle), it is split between the chosen charities of the last event.

Please email us via our Contact Us section if you have any questions

About Our Charities

Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary

Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary in Powys, Wales. The sanctuary is owned and operated by husband and wife Graham and Jan Garen.

Cefn-yr-Erw had been a traditional hill farm, when Jan inherited it from her father. Jan first acquired a Vietnamese Potbelly Pig and later some marmosets, goats, capybaras and several traditional farm animals.
Jan married Graham Garen in 1994 and the sanctuary continued to develop.
When Penscynor Wildlife Park in Neath closed in 1998, the sanctuary took seven unwanted chimpanzees from the park and were able to house them from 21 February 1999 within the sanctuary.
They would have been shot without the intervention of the sanctuary.
The sanctuary now rescues and provides a final home for many types of unwanted animals, in particular chimpanzees, baboons, spider monkeys, capuchins and marmosets.

As the animals that they rescue are not able to survive in the wild, they try to make the rest of the animals' lives as enjoyable as possible. The sanctuary has a policy of not breeding any animals.

The sanctuary receives no funding from the UK government, Welsh governments or local councils and therefore relies donations from the public and also from the entrance fee to its 30,000 visitors a year.
It is a registered charity (Charity ID:1076645)

Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary

The Research Institute for the Care of Older People

The research carried out at RICE covers a wide variety of areas and is intended to advance the knowledge and treatment of the more serious conditions affecting older people, in particular Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia and to improve their quality of life.

The RICE Centre was officially opened on 5th December 2008 by Sir Terry Pratchett not long after he got his diagnosis of PCA Alzheimer's disease.

The Research Institute for the Care of Older People

About Dragons Are Us Ltd

Dragons Are Us Ltd is a not-for-profit private limited company whose sole purpose is to run fan events such as the Llamedos Holiday Camp

Dragons Are Us Ltd is registered with Companies House for England and Wales and holds the company number 12006126
Registered address: 36 Riverside Court, Tuckton Road, Tuckton, Bournemouth, BH63AA