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Llamedos Holiday Camp F.A.Q.
Erm.. Um... What am I doing here? Is there a Newbie Guide?
Are you going to be having ... Traditions and why ours are new ones
Why do you have to fill the hotel? Auction questions
Can I bring...? Why an immersive,
Interactive Experience
and not a Convention?

Erm..Um..What am I doing here?

Perhaps you've found yourself looking at this website wondering what on earth Llamedos is, and who is Rincewind or Granny Weatherwax.
Go to your local bookshop and buy Mort, or Guards!Guards! or Wyrd Sisters (or all three) and then come back once you've read them and fallen in love with them.

If you already know what Llamedos is and who Rincewind and Granny are... Hello!
You've either found us through Facebook, a certain well know Discworld Newsletter, by word of mouth or some amazing power of intuition.

Is there a Newbie Guide?

The simple answer is no, there isn't. This is the first time we've ever run an Immersive Interactive Experience so we are new at it too.
Perhaps you can tell us what we are meant to be doing or at least come along and write a Newbie guide for the next time we run one.

Are you going to be having ...

a baby? (I hope not), a puppy (again I hope not), a trip to a brewery (we wanted to but the brewery had heard about Discworld fans),
Klatches (well, no we don't have any Celebrities coming as entertainment), Filk session (we are in druid country, Male Voice Choirs tend to baulk at such ideas, but we will have karaoke)
We are a brand new Event, so everything will be new and different apart from the Auction, there always has to be an auction!

Traditions and why ours are new ones

Many of you would have been attending Discworld Events since the dawn of time(ok not quite the dawn of time but a bloody long time anyway) and we know there are some bizarre traditions that have evolved at Discworld Events.
We want to treat our event like there has never been any beforehand.
After all we are a totally different kind of event to anything that has come before, so lets not weigh it down with traditions from the past or elsewhere.

Why do you have to fill the hotel?

Easy, we've booked out the entire hotel. We had to to get exclusie use of the hotel for our event.
It does mean you have to stay there and fill every room up as we don't want to have to cancel the event because you all prefer Travelodge instant coffee.

Auction questions

Yes there is an Auction. If you wish to donate an item to the auction, email us with the subject line "I want to give you stuff"
Payment for the auction will be by card or cash and you will be expected to pay for your item immediately after the auction.

Can I bring...?

Check our policies. If it's not mentioned, and you are still worried, email us. We don't bite.

Why an immersive, Interactive Experience and not a Convention?

We wanted to do something different. There are so many conventions on the Discworld Event calendar that we didn't want to become yet another con.
If you are still baffled at what we are trying to achieve, buy a ticket and come and play.