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Llamedos Holiday Camp Guest List

Guest List

Unlike any other Discworld Event, we at the Llamedos Holiday Camp have 100's of Guests because that's what we call our attendees

This list will get populated as more and more people buy tickets. There may be names you recognise amongst them and they are fans just like you and have paid for their tickets just like you

For those of you wondering who our Special Guests* are, everyone is a Special Guest at Llamedos Holiday Camp!

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Guest List

This is a list of all Guests and Crew who will be present at the Llamedos Holiday Camp.

Weekend Tickets

Number Badge Name
A100The Hat

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Dragons Are Us Ltd are trading as Llamedos Holiday Camp. Discworld and Terry Pratchett are registered trademarks and are used under agreement with Dunmanifestin Ltd.

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*the only truly Extra Special Guest is the spirit of Mr Silas T Firefly