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Llamedos Holiday Camp Policies

Llamedos Holiday Camp Policies


We expect all Guests to behave with respect and common decency to all other Guests and Staff at the Llamedos Holiday Camp.

This includes (but is not limited to):

Being courteous and respectful of all Guests/Staff/Purple Coats.
Being helpful to all Guests/Staff/Purple Coats.
Being quiet in the guest quarters areas of the hotel during the hours of 11pm-7am.
Keeping your clothes on in the public spaces of the Hotel/Event (what you do in your own hotel room is up to you).
Not engaging in acts of public indecency.
Being respectful of the hotel property and any property belonging to the Llamedos Holiday Camp itself.
Being respectful of the neighbours of the Hotel whilst arriving/leaving or being outside of the hotel.
Not Smoking or Vaping inside the Hotel
Abiding by all laws in the country.

Anyone found behaving in such a manner that requires the Purple Coats attention, will be spoken to and may be required to leave the Llamedos Holiday Camp without a refund.

Harassment is covered in its own policy.

Photography and Videography

By purchasing a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp, you have agreed to have photographs and video taken of you at the event and all of its activities (spontaneous and planned) by Llamedos Holiday Camp photographers and other guests agree to all images and footage being uploaded online, used in any promotional material for future events and in any manner the photographer/videographer deems fit (within the confines of the law and common decency).

If you do not agree to this policy and have bought a ticket, we suggest you do not attend the Llamedos Holiday Camp and we will endeavour to help you sell your ticket on to someone who does.

This policy is due to the nature and size of the venue and the event. There is no private spaces other than the toliets and your own hotel room. We will not be deleting photographs without a specific court order unless they break any law within the UK.

There may be some activities where we, the organisers will state before the item starts NO Photography or Videography and this would be due only to the nature of the programme item. For example - Exclusive News from Narrativia.


ALL weapons must be brought to the Gwestai Lliaison desk for a Purple Coat to approve as soon as you arrive.

ALL weapons must be non-functioning.

If you are not sure what constitutes a weapon, then bring it to the Gwestai Lliaison desk anyway (frying pans are a weapon in the right hands and so can a staff be, for example)

If a weapon is seen without an Approval Label/sticker then it will be confiscated by the Purple Coats and you will be able to collect it on Monday morning after the convention has ended.

There are no exceptions to this policy.
Failure to comply with this policy may result in you being removed from the event and hotel without a refund.

We expect all our Guests to keep the Llamedos Holiday Camp a safe place for everyone to enjoy.


Tickets are sold as non-refundable. Hotel room booking is separate and independent of the Llamedos Holiday Camp ticket.

A Llamedos Holiday Camp ticket is a virtual ticket and your details are kept on our database of guests.

If you find you cannot attend after buying a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp, then do get in touch with our team.

Llamedos Holiday Camp will hold a waiting list for those who were unable to get tickets and will endeavour to pair you up with someone wishing to purchase one.
We will not be responsible for any further actions pertaining to you selling your ticket.

You cannot sell your ticket for more than the original price of the ticket.

Those found selling their ticket at an inflated price will be banned from all future events run by Dragons Are Us Ltd.

If you have to sell your ticket, you will also have to contact your booked hotel separately and organise remuneration or change of name. Llamedos Holiday Camp does not have anything to do with the hotel bookings in the area.

Llamedos Holiday Camp holds the right to refuse any person a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp and in this instance only will refund a ticket purchased by any person who is deemed to be unsuitable for the event.

Unsuitability is decided by many factors including but not limited to:

Behaviour Online
Behaviour at other Events
Person has been banned from another Discworld Event
Person has been removed from other events

If we refuse your application, you are welcome to talk to Dragons Are Us Ltd to get an explanation. Contact details are in the Contact us section.


The Llamedos Holiday Camp has worked hard to remove all barriers to allow everyone be fully included in all activites and to feel comfortable.

To do this, we had to remove the need to queue, the need for theatre style seating and put in place standard measures to allow everyone to get the most from the experience.

Our main event room will generally always be open so Guests do not need to queue for events.
(I lie, it will be closed for one session whilst the room is prepared for the Costume Ball).

Our main room has cabaret style seating, that is, 10 seats around a circular table, with more than enough tables to accommodate all who attend.
It will also have more than enough space for anyone to leave at any time.
This setup does mean that wheelchair users will have to request that a chair be removed from a table so they may sit with their friends.
We believe it to be more important for a wheelchair user to be able to sit with their friends than be allocated specific seating.

The Discworld family is renown for looking after their own and thus we expect all our Guests to help when requested to do so.
Please do not automatically help as often it can cause offence!

We have done diligent checks to make sure that the 19th Century Hotel meets our requirements such as defined contrasts between the floor and walls, width distances on doors, and made sure that the bar area has enough space for those in wheelchairs to manoeuvre.

The Discworld family are a friendly bunch and we would hope that Guests will feel able to ask for assistance if the need arises, for e.g. assistance to move chairs from tables, assistance in carrying drinks and we would hope that all of our Guests will help with such tasks.
However we are aware that some Guests may feel uncomfortable asking, and so if you would prefer we would be able to appoint a Miner in order to assist in such tasks.
Please contact us via email prior or ask at the Gwestai Lliaison Desk on the day.

We want to make the weekend as inclusive as we possibly can for all of our attendees so please email us if you need other support that we haven't covered.

The Llamedos Holiday Camp takes place on one floor of the Diplomat Hotel which has a disabled toliet and double width doors to all rooms.
There is a wheelchair lift from the main door of the hotel onto the main floor which is an industry standard wheelchair lift which is suitable for all types of wheelchair/electric wheelchair.
Unfortunately the hotel is not accessible for mobility scooters, and we have been asked by the hotel to convey that scooters are not able to be bought into the building. We are sorry for this inconvenience


The Hotel has some pet friendly rooms in the Coach House (which is a separate building from the main hotel) and you will have to pay a surcharge to have your pet stay with you.

The Llamedos Holiday Camp however, does not allow pets in any of the event rooms.
We only allow trained working accessibility dogs in our event rooms and we must be told prior to the event that you will have a working accessibility dog accompanying you.

Throughout your stay your pet is your responsibility. You must clean up after your pet and control your pet in all public areas.

If your pet is causing a nuisance to others, you may be asked to leave without a refund.

If your pet damages another person's property or costume, you will be expected to pay for the damages/replacement. If you fail to do so, you will be asked to leave without refund and your contact details will be passed onto that person..

You cannot leave your pet unattended in any public area of the Hotel. This will mean you may miss events if you choose to bring a pet with you.

Llamedos Holiday camp will not be liable for any damages caused by your pet nor will we be responsible for your pet whilst you attend the event.


The experience is geared towards an adult audience, and there are no facilities or activites for children. This is why there are no child tickets for Llamedos Holiday Camp.

If you choose to bring a child with you to the Llamedos Holiday Camp, then you will have to buy a full priced ticket and accept that there will be entertainment that is unsuitable for those under the age of 16 or those of a sensitive disposition.

If you choose to bring a child/children to the Llamedos Holiday Camp the following must be adhered to at all times.

Children aged 17 years and 364 days old or under will have to be accompanied by their responsible parent/guardian at all times.

If you choose to bring children, they remain the responsibility of the parent/guardian who brought them to the event and said parent/guardian is responsible for and will be held accountable for the all actions of and damage caused by the children concerned.

If the child/children that you are responsible for fails to comply with any of our policies, the child/children and the parent/guardian may be required to leave the event and hotel without a refund.

If a parent/guardian fails to comply with any of our policies and is removed from the event and hotel, then the child/children will also be required to leave the event and hotel without a refund also.

If the child/children appear in any photographs or video that has been taken at the event, our Photography/Videography policy still stands. No-one is named in our photographs/video and thus we are still entititled to publish them as we choose.

Llamedos Holiday Camp assumes no responsibility for those under 18 years old.


If you have an issue at the Llamedos Holiday Camp, then please take rapid action by speaking to one of Purple Coats at the event itself.

Please do not use social media to air your complaint.

Please do not wait until you are home.

Do speak to one of our team at the event itself.

If you cannot find a Purple Coat immediately, then head to the Gwestai Lliaison desk where a Purple Coat can be summoned for you.

If it is late in the night and you are staying at the Llamedos Holiday Camp Hotel, then hotel reception staff can summon a Purple Coat for you using the hand of knocking or the phone of calling.

Most issues can be dealt with swiftly and discreetly if they are addressed at the time of realisation.

If the issue is with your hotel room at The Diplomat Hotel, please speak to the hotel staff.

If the issue is with the food supplied at the Llamedos Holiday Camp, please speak to the kitchen/hotel staff

If you have a complaint after the event has ended, you can email us at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com