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Llamedos on the Clacks?

Llamedos on the Clacks is a special online Discworld® event run by the same bunch of wonderful people who run the interactive experience Llamedos Holiday Camp.

The PurpleCoat team decided that having to wait a whole two years to run another event was far too long, but they knew they couldn't meet face to face just yet.

Whilst they are very much at home on the stage, using omniscopes and connecting Hex to the Clacks system proved to be a little out of their skill set, but their friend Ponder works miracles and made it all possible.

Lots of our interactive activities from Llamedos Holiday Camp have made their way onto the Clacks, from our Beauty Contest, to Mistress Weatherwax teaching..well.. telling us something.

As well as all our panels, all our wonderful campers will be able to interact with other campers in lots of other ways such as our live chat and Zoom breakout rooms

You can participate as much or as little as you like, and you really don't need to show yourself on camera to anyone if you don't want to as there will be plenty of things to watch and to do without ever changing out of your pyjamas!

More information will be forthcoming as we put together the greatest Llamedos on the Clacks in history!


The whole event will be exclusively accessed through our clacks tower's Hex site and the only thing you will possibly need is a ticket, an internet connection and a sense of FUN!

Llamedos on the Clacks is run by volunteers and we are looking for people to help make this Llamedos on the Clacks the best it can possibly be!

If you think you can help, and you can work out how to contact us (hint: see below), then maybe you could join, the Clacks Team!

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