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Llamedos On the Clacks Cosplay


The rules are simple.

Make a Discworld Costume, and send us a maximum of 3 photographs of you.

It can made of bin bags, or made from finest silk, or made from items in your wardrobe.

The only hard and fast rule here is that YOU must have put it together.

Email your entries to us  info@llamedosholidaycamp.com using the Subject: Cosplay Contest before Mon 15th February at 8pm for a chance to win a prize. 

We will be putting all the images together into a video.

Our Judging panel will choose the one they think is the Judges Choice winner, whilst attendees will get to choose who they want to win as the Clacks Choice winner via a poll at the event. 

Examples of Cosplay

Magrat Garlick Juliet Strollop Glenda Sugarbean Dr Hix The Watch