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Llamedos On the Clacks Gonnagle Eisteddfod

Gonnagle Eisteddfod

Llamedos Eisteddfod to find our Gonnagle

For the first time ever, Llamedos is looking for a new Gonnagle. What's a Gonnagle I hear you ask?

A Gonnagle is similar to a bard, telling stories as well as reciting poetry.  

If you are of the frame of mind to write a story about Llamedos or a piece of poetry that will stir the soul of an old and tattered purplcoat, then this is your chance to take the Chair of the Gonnagle.

The rules are simple.

Any story or poem can only be 200 words maximum

Any story or poem must be about Llamedos, Llamedos Holiday Camp or Llamedos On the Clacks OR any of it's known inhabitants such as Imp Y Celyn.

You must have written it. You will be disqualified if we found out you cheated !

We will get one of our team to read out the stories and poems live at our Chairing of the Gonnagle session on the Sunday Afternoon.

Email your poem or story to us at info@llamedosholidaycamp with the Subject:  I want the CHAIR!