What is the Llamedos Holiday Camp?

Llamedos Holiday Camp is an Interactive Immersive Experience where fantasy fans gather to spend the weekend creating ripples that will last a lifetime.

Unlike our On the Clacks event, the Llamedos Holiday Camp tries to bring a little part of fantasy to life in the roundworld in the form of activities and events.

Take part in all the camp activities such as Nobby's Knees Competitions, our infamous Talent Show, Beauty Contest and much much more.

This holiday will be full of fun, but only if you throw yourself into the deep end and join in!

Whilst most holiday Camps are for families with children being front and centre, this one is for the Trolls, Elves, Witches, Wizards, UnDead, Assassins, Fools, Mimes, Watchmen, Dwarves, Druids, Barbarians and even the Patricians amongst you.

Terry didn't have a huge amount to say about Llamedos. In fact most of what he wrote would have fitted onto a pamphlet entitled:

Llamedos, where you need cream to protect you against the rain.

He did, however, leave enough base rules lying around in various books for us to construct an approximation of what Llamedos is like.

Most of the Purple Coats are characters you will recognise, everyone from Rincewind to Granny Weatherwax will be there and a few bit part players that you have never heard of too, such as Meghan and Rwby.

Come and join us at a Holiday Camp like no other!

What's happening in the 2024 Event?

For 2024 Llamedos Holiday Camp has been taken over by the Llamedos Scout Jamboree.

The Jamboree will bring camp fires / questionable songs / random scout like activities!

With all sorts of fun events, on top of our usual madness, that you can take part in.

When is the Scout Jamboree?

Friday 1st March 2024 to Monday 4th March 2024


Diplomat Hotel, Llanelli, Wales, SA15 3PJ


When will tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale on Saturday 1st July 2023

Tickets sold out on Saturday 14th October 2023. We are now operating a waiting list. To be added to the waiting list please email info@llamedosholidaycamp.com. If you can no longer attend and wish to pass on your tickets please also email us and we'll try to match sellers to purchasers.

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