What do I get with my ticket?

How much do tickets cost?

What is not included with my ticket?

When do tickets go on sale?

Tickets go on sale on Saturday 1st July 2023 at 12:00pm

Tickets have now sold out.

We are now operating a waiting list!

If you would like to be added to the list please email and let us know how many tickets you require.

We currently have a small number of people that wish to pass on their tickets.

Here is what you need to know before you buy tickets.

  1. Add to your contacts list. - MAKE sure it's in your contacts list if you think you have already done this.
  2. Have you Credit/Debit card in your hand ready.
  3. Do not keep hitting refresh, to do so will bring upon you the beast of Bel-Shamharoth and disappointment as you will have broken the system and thus don’t get a ticket.
  4. Do use an email address that you actually check. Sounds crazy to state this but the one you never check is not the one to use here as important information will come to you via the email address you use for registration. Please also make sure you are able to type it correctly (take your time to get it right).
  5. You can initially only purchase upto four (4) tickets. Yes only 4 at first. You can (once you have filled in all the registration information) purchase more afterwards if there are any left.
  6. Your password must contain Capital and Non-Capital Letters, a Number and at least 7+1 characters.
  7. Once you bought a ticket, you will receive an email with a link to setup your account with Llamedos Holiday Camp - It will have been sent. Check your Spam folder if it is not in your inbox.
  8. Do click the link and set-up your account. This is where you will inform us of any food allergies, health issues or any other information you wish to tell us.
  9. Think of a Badge Name now - we suggest that you pick names that are not any of the main characters. We would love to see Nanny Ogg’s sister Gertrude or CMOT’s cousin Frank Dibbler attend. You can of course just be known as Dave if you so choose (although Dave might get upset about that).
  10. You will get sent a total of 2 emails from us. One is your registration email with a link, and the other is a receipt from - They won't all come at once, they may take a couple of days. Do look out for them and respond asap please.
  11. The Hotel Booking Line will NOT be open until a later date - Please do not try booking through the hotel, we have our own system
  12. If you run into any issues whilst buying tickets or have any questions, do email us at Our team will be online and waiting for your queries all day today.


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