Llamedos Holiday Camp 2024 F.A.Q.

Is this a real Scout Jamboree?

The simple answer is no its not.

The longer answer is The Llamedos Holiday Camp (itself a parady of 1950s holiday camps) Scout Jamboree is a parady of an international Scout Jamboree.

We are not associated with, affiliated with or part of any official Scout organization.

I can't log into the guest area

First, if you can remember your email address but not your password use the Fogotten Passworld link on the sign in page.

If you cannot remember which email address you used please email info@llamedosholidaycamp.com and we'll see what we can do to track down your information.

What's is this Scout Sash people are taking about?

A Scout Sash is a piece of material that you were over the top of your unform and upon which you pin / sew any badges you earn at the Jamboree

The Sash is not compulsary.

If you'd like to make one we have created a guide.

Can I get a taxi?

Taxis are quite rare in Llanelli and therefore book up very quickly. If you are desperate for one we suggest booking early.

If you are staying at the Sessile Oak Hotel or the Premier Inn Llanelli Central East Hotel, we have arranged for a local bus company to pick up in the morning from these hotels and bring our guests to the Diplomat Hotel. The Travel Pass is availab as an extra charge. If you would like to book a travel pass please fill in our Google Form.

In the dim and distant past we created this list of local taxi companies. We don't know which of any are still active.

Can I change Troop?

Sorry, we have to limit numbers in Troops to try to balance them out. Once a Troop is full we are unable to make it larger.

We are sure you will make friends in whatever Troop you end up in!

Did someone mention a shop?

We have for a limited time created a shop where you can browse for some exciting merchandise.

We have a small range of mugs, water bottles, tote bags and t-shirts featuring the Scout Jamboree Logo.

Visit our shop

I have a question not answered here. Who can I talk to?

Please email us at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com and we'll try to help you in any way we can.

You may also find your answer in our Facebook Group.

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