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Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree - Newsletter #12

Schmae Campers,

Welcome to the 12th Scout Jamboree - Newsletter. As we get closer to the Jamboree you will find that the newsletters may be coming thick and fast.

Scout uniform and the magical thing called a Scout Sash

We've had a few questions about uniforms.

A standard scout uniform consists of a neckerchief with woggle, shirt / t-shirt and something worn on your legs, be it shorts, a skirt or trousers.

Many witches would dispute this and wear their usual attire with just their neckerchief and woggle which is completely acceptable as uniform.

In fact ANYTHING is acceptable as uniform as long as it covers the essential body bits!

Please be aware that we require all campers to wear their regional troop neckerchief and woggle at all times. These will be given to you in your Jamboree Essential Knapsack upon arrival at registration.

Talking about the Jamboree Essential Knapsack, you will ALSO get some sew on badges as part of your regional troop identification pack and a sewing kit to use to sew them on.

These are:

  • Llamedos Jamboree sew on Badge
  • Your Regional Troop sew on Badge
  • Troop Identity name tape.

It's up to you where you put them or even if you use them at all, but the usual place is a Scout Sash.

You can sew them on your shirt / poncho / jumper / bag if you wish but…

A scout sash means you can wear them with pride everyday and you'll have somewhere to display them and the activity badges you will earn over the weekend. As a result you will also have a unique souvenir.

We've produced a document explaining how to create a basic Scout Sash. Over the weekend you will get the opportunity to earn pin-on activity badges. A scout sash is the perfect uniform accessory to pin them onto.

Download the PDF

The Diplomat Hotel Payment Reminder

The Diplomat Hotel has asked us to remind you that they will be taking the full balance of the hotel and camping bookings on the 22nd January 2024. They will be charging the card you used to pay the deposit.

The Sessile Oak Payments

We've now been down to The Sessile Oak Hotel, confirmed details and paid for all the rooms! The lovely manager Sam cannot wait to meet you all!

Hotel Transport (Sessile Oak and Premier Inn)

We've arranged with the same coach company we used two years ago, to pick up campers on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Paul will be driving people for the return journey in the Diplomat's Mini Bus on both nights and will pick up and drop off on Friday.

We've managed to keep the costs down as low as possible so a travel pass will cost £35 per person for the weekend. This will include minibus pick up at various times on Friday afternoon, coach pick up on Saturday and Sunday morning, and minibus return trips on all three evenings. Given the cost and availability (or lack of) taxis we feel this is very good value for money.

If you are staying at either The Sessile Oak or the Premier Inn Llanelli Central East hotels and wish to take advantage of the travel pass please fill in our Google Form and we'll invoice you.

Booking Form

Troop Allocation

Just a reminder that if you have not chosen your troop by the end of January, Rwby will be allocating you into an appropriate troop. You have been warned!

To choose your troop, head over the guest area, log in and choose your troop.

Next Newsletter

Next time, we'll be telling you all about the Gang Show, Uniform Inspection show, the things you can do for the Art Badge BEFORE arrival and lots lots more.

Don't forget, if you have any queries, please email us at

Speak Soon,

Rincewind, Rwby and the Team!

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