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Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree - Newsletter 2

Schmae Campers!

Today's newsletter is all about Scout Regions and Scout Uniforms.

At the Jamboree, you will be working with your fellow scouts to earn activity badges, compete together and become the Best Troop on the Disc!

Scout Regions

At LHC's Scout Jamboree, the ten different Regional Scouting regions are represented.

  • Scouts of Krull
  • Muntab Province Association of Scouts and Howondaland Association of Scouts
  • Sto Plains Scout Association
  • Klatchian Scout Federation
  • Explorer Scouts of the Widdershin Lands
  • Ramtops Scouts
  • Uberwald Scout Association
  • Ranger Scouts of Fourecks and The Land of Fog
  • Counterweight Continent Scouts
  • Llamedos Pathfinder Scouts

And of course, Llamedos Holiday Camp has its own scout troop which is hosting the Jamboree - The Llamedos Purplecoat Troop which is exclusively just our own Purplecoats.

As a scout, you would have been picked as the best of the best of the best from your local scout troop. This means that there will be scouts from all over a particular region represented.

For example: Sto Plains Scout Association could have scouts from the 1st Assassin's Guild Ankh-Morpork Scout Troop, 69th Seamstress Guild Ankh-Morpork Scout troop, 54th Chirm Scout Troop, 99th HolyWood Belles Scout Troop, 9th Dukes Sto Helit Scout Troop, 3rd Cabbage Growers Scout Troop, 23rd Thud Re-enactment Society Scout Troop, and the 3rd Pseudopolis Watchhouse Scout Troop amongst others from the Sto Plains region of the Disc.

This, of course, will influence the look of all various uniforms too. Every individual scout troop has a different coloured uniform. We expect to see a cornucopia of colours in the sea of Scouts attending the Jamboree! But more about that in the Scout Uniform section below.

More information about the Scouting Regions will be forthcoming on our website in the next few days.

How can you choose your Scout Region?

You will be able to choose which Scout Region troop you wish to join after you have bought a ticket to Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree, tickets will be available from the 1st July at 12:00 noon (BST).

The system which allows you to choose which Scout region you are representing will go live approximately one month after tickets for the event go on sale.

This is to allow our Wizzard time to feed the ants and fluff up the FTB so that Hex doesn't have a hissy fit when all 160 attendees try to access the system at the same time.

There are only 17 places available in each troop.

The last 7 Scouts to try to do this, will have to contact us via email to inform us which troop they wish to be in. This is so we can balance the regional troops appropriately.

If you are attending with family members and you must be in the same troop as them, you can contact us and we will see what we can do to help. This may mean you will not be placed in your first choice of regional troop but at least we can do our best to keep your family members together.

Please note: The Llamedos Pathfinders will not be available for you to choose as this is reserved for the hotel staff, and chosen traders at the event. The Llamedos Pathfinders are also the regional association which the 1st Llamedos Holiday Camp Purplecoat Troop is part of.

Scout Uniform

The standard Scout uniform consists of a Shirt (long or short sleeved), shorts, skirt or kilt, long socks and sensible shoes.

There are many variations of course. Each individual troop has its own colourways and some have specialist pieces of uniform. Many Dwarf troops insist you carry an axe at all times for instance whilst any Scout Troop associated with the various Watchhouses also carry a Special Constable badge.

A neckerchief in the colour of your troop worn with a woggle, and a sash* to show off your badges is a bare minimum required to be considered uniform by all scout associations and federations within the Organisations of Decidedly Dedicated Scouts (ODDS for short) .

*a pattern to create your own sash will be available on our website in the forthcoming weeks.

Example Uniform Image

Regional Uniforms

Our ten different regional scout troops do not have a specific uniform.

Each region expects the scouts who are representing them to wear their usual local scout troop uniform, but each region does have a specific coloured neckerchief, scout troop sew-on name tape and sew-on badge which they expect their scouts to wear with pride.

Important Information, you must wear your neckerchief at all times. This not only identifies you as being a member of that scout region but our in-sewer-ants will be invalid if you do not wear it!

Regional T-shirts will be available to purchase via our online shop prior to the jamboree for those who wish to own one.

You will be given a Jamboree Essentials Knapsack upon arrival at Camp.

The Jamboree Essentials knapsack will contain your Regional Neckerchief, Llamedos Scout Jamboree Woggle, a sew-on Region troop name tape and a sew-on Region Troop Badge so you DO NOT need to purchase these!

It will also contain your very important Scout Handbook, glod pencil and other essential items that Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree gives to all attendees.

The Jamboree Essentials Knapsack and its contents will accompany you at all times during the event as you will need several of the items to participate in various events.

In our next newsletter, we will be talking about those events and the activities taking place at Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree 2024!

Don't forget tickets go on sale on 1st July and will cost £135 per person.

Speak Soon,

Rwby and the Team!

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