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Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree - Newsletter 4

Schmae Campers !

Firstly thank you to everyone for purchasing tickets to The Scout Jamboree. We were impressed with how busy the initial rush went.

If you or someone you know wants to come along to Llamedos and doesn’t have a ticket yet, we have a handful of tickets still available, so get a ticket before they all go!

So, what happens next.

Please Check Your Details

There are a few campers who have never logged into their account to finish the setup process. We will contact those concerned in due course but if you haven’t completed the setup process please email us at and we will issue you with a new code to set up your account.

Guest Area

We also need you to sign into the system so you can do the following…

Fill in your personal information

The information we ask for is to help make your stay at Llamedos Holiday Camp as fun and safe as possible. Dietary information, for example, is important to ensure that we can work with the hotel to provide a choice of food for everyone.

Things like date of both etc and health issues might seem a bit intrusive but from experience, having that information available to pass onto any emergency medical team is invaluable. Only Rwby and Rincewind have access to this information and we really hope we never need to use it. If something bad happens, knowing what medication you are on and what your date of birth is, means that first responders could be safely giving you pain relief rather than having to wait to get you to hospital. Again we hope we never need to use this information. Also please don’t just input: “ask my partner, they know what drugs I am on.” People panic when a loved one is suffering. Having it written down takes that pressure away and allows us to give a printout to the paramedics with all the information on.

Once the event is over we scrub the database removing personal information. The database for the 2022 event, for example, now only contains a list of badge names, all personal information has been removed.

We will periodically remind you to provide this information. It is totally up to you how much information you want to provide (and we really hope we will never need it).

Choose your Badge Name.

At some point you will need to choose a badge name. Some of you have already done it but many have not. We still have several months before we lock down the badge names and print the physical badges so there is plenty of time to come up with a great badge name.

If you cannot get into your account please email and we’ll send you a new registration link. If you have previously logged in but can’t remember your password click on the reset password link on the sign in page

Choose your Regional troop!

On Tuesday 1st August at 19:00 (7pm) UK time we will allow you to choose which regional troop you belong to. You will need to be able to edit your ticket so please follow the advice above to ensure you can sign in.

We suggest, if you have purchased tickets for other campers, you enter the relevant email address against each ticket and let the ticket holder sign into their own account.

A link will become available in the Guest Area for each of your tickets.

You will be able to click on the link and will be shown a list of each of the available regional troops with their badge design, title and description. Once you select the troop you want, providing there are still spaces available, you will be allocated into that troop. Select carefully as you won’t be able to change without first talking to us.

You might want to coordinate in advance with your friends to work out which troop you want to be in over the weekend. See our regional scout troops page for a summary of each regional troop.

Hotel Requests

On the 7th August at 19:00 we will provide a system for you to request hotel rooms. You will be able to choose your preferred accommodation, dates, who if anyone you will be sharing with and any other information you feel is relevant. We will collate this information and delegate one of our unsuspecting purple coats the responsibility of allocating rooms.

The data will be anonymised so the person allocating the rooms will not know who is requesting the room. Please fill in all relevant information in the form so that the rooms can be allocated fairly. Remember the person allocating the rooms will not know who you are so don’t assume we will know your requirements. Only information provided in the form can be used to make the allocation process fair (It is your responsibility to include all relevant information).

We will send out another newsletter before the hotel allocation forms become available to explain the process in more detail.

Don’t forget, if you have any queries, please email us using

Please do not reply to this newsletter as the mailing account is not monitored.

Speak Soon,

Rwby and the Team!

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