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Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree - Newsletter 7a

Schmae Campers,

We have sold out!

We have now sold out of tickets for Llamedos Holiday Camp 2024. We have initiated our waiting list system for tickets.

If you want to be added to the waiting list please email us at telling us how many tickets you require.

We currently have a few people that can no longer make the event and therefore have a few tickets available.

When we can we’ll match up people wanting tickets with those wanting to pass them on. You’ll need to sort out the transfer of funds between yourselves and then let us know when you are both happy and we’ll transfer over ownership.

If you find that you can no longer make the event, then also email and let us know how many tickets you wish to pass on.

Please note: We cannot offer refunds for tickets (as made clear when you purchased your tickets originally). We are a not for profit company and your ticket money is used to hire the venue, pay for the food, goodie bag items and any sundry equipment that is needed.

Hotel Bookings

We apologise for the time taken to sort this out. We are currently awaiting final details from the hotel to confirm rooms and how they want people to pay. We understand that this is frustrating (it’s also probably the most stressful part of the event for us too).

Once we get confirmation back from the hotel we will update the guest area of those that were successful in getting rooms at their preferred hotel.

We will then email all those that were unsuccessful and offer them rooms where available at The Sessile Oak our overflow hotel.

We expect the hotel to get back to us early this week. And we’ll act upon that information as soon as humanly possible.

Don't forget, if you have any queries, please email us using

Please do not reply to this newsletter as the mailing account is not monitored.

Speak Soon,

Rincewind, Rwby and the Team!

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