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Llamedos Holiday Camp Scout Jamboree - Newsletter #9

Schmae Campers,

Welcome back to our semi regular newsletters. This one is coming to you amongst trips to the front door to dish out chocolate to all the spooky apparitions visiting us on All Hallows Eve.

Diplomat Deposits

If you haven't yet paid your deposit for the Diplomat Hotel (Campers and Hotel room people), please do so as soon as possible. When you phone the hotel please ask for Tracy as she is dealing with our group bookings.

We know Tracy is working Thursday this week.

Sessile Oak Payments

Last week we emailed invoices out to all our guests at the Sessile Oak. If you haven’t received an invoice from us and you are staying at the Sessile Oak please email

You have until the 24th November to pay.

Waiting List

Since selling out of tickets and introducing our waiting list we’ve had a flurry of activity. At the moment we have one spare ticket waiting to be sold and one that is awaiting transfer of funds between the payee and the seller.

If you want to be added to the waiting list to get a ticket, or if you can no long come to the event please email

Please note: We cannot offer refunds for tickets (as made clear when you purchased your tickets originally). We are a not for profit company and your ticket money is used to hire the venue, pay for the food, goodie bag items and any sundry equipment that is needed.

Camping spots available

We still have a couple of camping spots on the Diplomat lawn if you are feeling brave.

Don't forget, if you have any queries, please email us using

Speak Soon,

Rincewind, Rwby and the Team!

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