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Image of Llamedos on the Clacks logo with Tape 2 on it

Llamedos On the Clacks 2021 - Tape 2

Schmae Campers!


What you need to know before buying a ticket.

Hopin.com is our event hosting website. All ticket sales are done directly through their website. You will receive a receipt from them not us.

It works best on a web browser called Chrome on a  PC/Mac/Tablet/Smart phone in Incognito mode. Although you can use other web browsers, you may not get full functionality of the event, especially any activity that requires you to use your webcam/mic to participate. 

To purchase a ticket you will need a debit card or a credit card. The payment system uses Stripe.com to facilitate the payment.

If there are more than one of you in your household who wishes to join the event, then you can use just one ticket as long as you are only logged in on one device. 

This means if two of you are joining in the event on a single laptop, you don't have to feel guilty about only buying one ticket. 

Tickets are unlimited, so please don't panic !!!!!  Hopin.com assures us they are more than capable of dealing with 100,000's of people all online at the same time.

If you genuinely cannot afford a ticket, do not fret. We have a #BeMoreNanny scheme, just send us an email at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com and we'll sort out a ticket for you.  No explanation needed. Just let us know you want a #BeMoreNanny ticket.

If you have any problems, please email us at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com

What does my ticket give me?

Your ticket gives you access to all three days of the event.

This means you can watch the panels and talks at their published times, and participate in the games and activities. 

You can also take part in live chat with other attendees via our text chat boxes in between events, whilst events are taking place and whilst activities are taking place.


The schedule will be announced over the coming weeks as we finalise it.Keep an eye on our social media.

Note: The whole event is streamed - this means that if you miss a talk, there isn't the ability to watch it later unless we re-show it as part of the schedule.

The Important bit - Where to buy your ticket !

A single ticket for Llamedos on the Clacks is £20

You can purchase yours now at https://hopin.com/events/llamedos-on-the-clacks-2021

#BeMoreNanny fund

Some Discworld fans are struggling at this time, the global pandemic has meant many have been furloughed, or laid off, or their businesses have crashed.

Because we know Discworld fans all have a bit of Nanny Ogg in them, we set up the #BeMoreNanny fund to make sure everyone who wants to be there, can be.

If you wish to #BeMoreNanny you can donate to the pot over on our merchandise store under #BeMoreNanny

Genuinely cannot afford a ticket, but want to come to Llamedos On the Clacks?

We have a #BeMoreNanny scheme, just send us an e-mail at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com and we'll sort out a ticket for you.  No explanation needed. Just let us know you want a #BeMoreNanny ticket.


By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to Hopin.com terms and conditions

You are also agreeing to our policies. A brief summary is below.

Your ticket is non-transferable. 

You will not record or replicate in any manner, any part of Llamedos On the Clacks without written permission from Dragons Are Us Ltd. This includes panels, talks, shows, activites, games, chat boxes, direct messages, schedules and any material (audio/video/written/visuals) presented by Llamedos On the Clacks. This list in not exhaustive.

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated by our moderating team in any part of the event. Llamedos On the Clacks can and will remove problem attendees without warning. Full details can be found on our policy page.

Don't Forget

Don't forget, we still have a few spaces to fill in our programme. If you have any ideas of a talk or panel that you would like to run, please email us at info@llamedosholidaycamp.com

We now have prizes for our Maskerade, Cosplay contest and Gonnagle Eisteddfod winners, so get creative and enter! You don't need to be the world's best, just the most enthusiastic! 

From Rwby and the PurpleCoat Team

Llamedos On the Clacks is run by fans for fans and raises money for charity through ticket sales, donations, and potential charity auction items (which would be sold through eBay). 

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