Local Taxi Companies


Taxi CompanyTelephone
Master Cabs01554 777111
Eddies Cabs01554 777222
Colins Taxi01554 777888
Arthurs Cabs01554 741841
DR Taxi01554 777736
DM Taxi01554 820652
AJ Taxi01554 950950
Phils Taxi01554 741141
Andys Taxi01554 741373
Matts Taxi01554 757757
Halfway Taxi01554 755555
Larger Parties
Grab a cab (8)01554 777999


  • List of taxi companies provided by Diplomat Hotel.
  • Neither Llamedos Holiday Camp or The Diplmoat Hotel endorses or recommends any of the Taxi Companies listed above.
  • Based on previous experience it is better to book Taxi's in advance as Taxi services can quickly become overrun.
  • It is your responsibility to be at the front door of the hotel to meet the Taxi.

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