Accessibility Policy

The Llamedos Holiday Camp has worked hard to remove all barriers to allow everyone be fully included in all activites and to feel comfortable.

To do this, we had to remove the need to queue, the need for theatre style seating and put in place standard measures to allow everyone to get the most from the experience.

Our main event room will generally always be open so Guests do not need to queue for events. (It will be closed for one session whilst the room is prepared for the Costume Ball).

Our main room has cabaret style seating, that is, 10 seats around a circular table, with more than enough tables to accommodate all who attend. It will also have more than enough space for anyone to leave at any time. This setup does mean that wheelchair users will have to request that a chair be removed from a table so they may sit with their friends. We believe it to be more important for a wheelchair user to be able to sit with their friends than be allocated specific seating.

The Llamedos family is renown for looking after their own and thus we expect all our Guests to help when requested to do so. Please do not automatically help as often it can cause offence!

We have done diligent checks to make sure that the 19th Century Hotel meets our requirements such as defined contrasts between the floor and walls, width distances on doors, and made sure that the bar area has enough space for those in wheelchairs to manoeuvre.

The Llamedos family are a friendly bunch and we would hope that Guests will feel able to ask for assistance if the need arises, for e.g. assistance to move chairs from tables, assistance in carrying drinks and we would hope that all of our Guests will help with such tasks. However we are aware that some Guests may feel uncomfortable asking, and so if you would prefer we would be able to ask on your behalf. Please contact us via email prior or ask at the Quatermaster's Desk on the day.

We want to make the weekend as inclusive as we possibly can for all of our attendees so please email us if you need other support that we haven't covered.

The Llamedos Holiday Camp takes place on one floor of the Diplomat Hotel which has a disabled toliet and double width doors to all rooms. There is a wheelchair lift from the main door of the hotel onto the main floor which is an industry standard wheelchair lift which is suitable for all types of wheelchair/electric wheelchair. Unfortunately the hotel is not accessible for large mobility scooters, and we have been asked by the hotel to convey that large scooters are not able to be bought into the building. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

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