Tickets Policy

Tickets are sold as non-refundable. Hotel room booking and camp site booking is separate and independent of the Llamedos Holiday Camp ticket.

A Llamedos Holiday Camp ticket is a virtual ticket and your details are kept on our database of guests.

If you find you cannot attend after buying a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp, then do get in touch with our team.

Llamedos Holiday Camp will hold a waiting list for those who were unable to get tickets and will endeavour to pair you up with someone wishing to sell theirs. (We will not be responsible for any further actions pertaining to you selling your ticket.)

You cannot sell your ticket for more than the original price of the ticket. ( Those found selling their ticket at an inflated price will be banned from all future events run by Dragons Are Us Ltd.)

If you have to sell your ticket, you will also have to contact your booked hotel separately and organise remuneration or change of name. Llamedos Holiday Camp does not have anything to do with the hotel bookings in the area.

Refusual of Ticket:

Llamedos Holiday Camp holds the right to refuse any person a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp and in this instance only will refund a ticket purchased by any person who is deemed to be unsuitable for the event.

Unsuitability is decided by many factors including but not limited to:

If we refuse your application, you are welcome to talk to Dragons Are Us Ltd to get an explanation. Contact details are in the Contact us section.

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