Complaints Policy

If you have an issue at the Llamedos Holiday Camp, then please take rapid action by speaking to one of PurpleCoats at the event itself.

Please do not use social media to air your complaint.

Please do not wait until you are home.

Do speak to one of our team at the event itself.

If you cannot find a PurpleCoat immediately, then head to the Quatermaster's Desk where a PurpleCoat can be summoned for you.

If it is late in the night and you are staying at the Llamedos Holiday Camp Hotel, then hotel reception staff can summon a PurpleCoat for you using the hand of knocking or the phone of calling.

Most issues can be dealt with swiftly and discreetly if they are addressed at the time of realisation.

If the issue is with your hotel room at The Diplomat Hotel, please speak to the hotel staff.

If the issue is with the food supplied at the Llamedos Holiday Camp, please speak to the kitchen/hotel staff

If you have a complaint after the event has ended, you can email us at

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