Photography and Videography Policy

By purchasing a ticket to the Llamedos Holiday Camp, you have agreed to have photographs and video taken of you at the event and all of its activities (spontaneous and planned) by Llamedos Holiday Camp photographers and other guests. You also agree to all images and footage being uploaded online, used in any promotional material for future events and in any manner the photographer / videographer deems fit (within the confines of the law and common decency).

If you do not agree to this policy and have bought a ticket, we suggest you do not attend the Llamedos Holiday Camp and we will endeavour to help you sell your ticket on to someone who does.

This policy is due to the nature and size of the venue and the event. There is no private spaces other than the toliets and your own hotel room. We will not be deleting photographs without a specific court order unless they break any law within the UK.

There may be some activities where we, the organisers will state before the item starts NO Photography or Videography and this would be due only to the nature of the programme item. For example - Exclusive News from Narrativia.
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