Family Crest of Lady Decanter's Pedigree Dragon Stables
Lady Decanter's Pedigree Dragon Stables

Lady Decanter has won The Dragon Trials 58 times over the last 59 years (the year of the prawn is never spoken of, don't ever ask her why).

Her pedigree swamp dragons are always the most perfect specimens, always making sure a scale is never out of place, nor a talon not polished.

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Family Crest of Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage
Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage

The SSCDO was formed when Cecil (Pastor of a small gods chapel) heard a knock on the door of the chapel, and opened it to find a basket with some strange eggs within it.

Carefully bringing it inside, Cecil believed it was his calling to hatch and raise whatever these eggs contained.

To his surprise, they were swamp dragons who became fiercely loyal to their guardian.

The local villages and towns all heard the story of the Pastor with his dragons, and Cecil often awoke to find baskets containing either younglings or eggs on his doorstep.

With no-one believing in the small gods his chapel was dedicated to, the sign outside was changed to Saint Sir Cecil's Dragon Orphanage.

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Family Crest of Botley's Stud Farm
Botley's Stud Farm

Barry Botley wanted to breed the strongest swamp dragon possible and to do this he scoured the Discworld searching for the biggest, strongest and the best swamp dragons to breed from.

Transporting the males however proved to be more dangerous than he ever imagined and being an inquisitive sort, he discovered a way to negate the transportation of volatile male swamp dragons.

He rapidly employed men from all over the disc to help with his endeavours and thus Botley's Basters (as they became known) soon became a well oiled team.

They love a good game of foot-the-ball although they prefer to play carrying the ball rather than kicking it, often tackling another player so that it looks like the "rug" was pulled from under their feet.

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Family Crest of The Zig Zag Throat Cavern
The Zig Zag Throat Cavern

This particular cavern is always LOUD!!!.

The dragons here are huge Music with Rocks in fans.

Often this cavern is filled with bands such as DragonForce, Supersonic Dragon Wagon or Dragon Lord

These swamp dragons provide the BANG in the beat.

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Family Crest of Piemur's Pathfinders
Piemur's Pathfinders

These trailblazing pathfinders are exceedingly good on the ground at finding their way through the thickest, densest places on the Disc.

If there is a good place to get lost, then they know it like the back of their paw.

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Family Crest of The Fire Drake Flambé Team
The Fire Drake Flambé Team

The Fire Drake Flambe Team's motto is "Flame Hot, Play Hot"

Training is their favourite pastime and the swamp dragons which join this team are flaming good at producing Flames in wonderful displays which light up the sky.

Not only do they need to flame well, and on command, they also need to be able to fly well otherwise it's just a fireworks display.

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Family Crest of The Happy Dragons Homestead
The Happy Dragons Homestead

The Homestead is home to many Happy Dragons, who through no fault of their own, found themselves without a loving family to love them and squeeze them and call them...

They pride themselves on being the cutest, most adorable dragons on the whole of the Disc.

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Family Crest of The Light Gas Synchronised Flyers
The Light Gas Synchronised Flyers

These determined dragons love nothing better than order, precision and flying at breakneck speed.

Flying in formation with military precision is their speciality of choice, and they have wowed audiences all over the Disc with their displays.

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